La-La-La…. right here, right now!!!!!!!

YAYAYAYAY!!! It’s here!!!!!!!! The new release from Solskala!!!

From the early days in the UK, Solskala strive to be different; fusing Western music with Afro-Latin and world beats to create a mesmerising but accessible sound-space. The rebirth of this project in Southern Spain and the release of this new album, “La-La-La” now features the multi-faceted talents of Rocío Starry from Madrid on vocals and as ever, Martyn Thompson from London at the controls with live instruments.

This release includes songs in English and Spanish!

To buy our album either click on the “buy” link below or go to – In the meantime, please feel free to preview our work 🙂

STOP PRESS!!!! 15% discount on SolskalaLa-La-La when you enter the code ” bienvenido ” (expires 7 May).


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