…but who do you sound like?

During our ongoing “marketing / publicity” campaign for La-La-La, we keep getting asked “…but who do you sound like?” and this is always it’s a difficult question to answer. The truth is, we don’t really know – we can say with confidence who we are influenced by, but does this really answer the question?

To hear who we’re influenced by, you only have to listen to our mixtapes (see “Solskala Sound System #01” for example). Or maybe we can quote the following examples as groups that we are influenced by…

There are lots of influences in our music, sometimes groups like Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra inspire us. Sometimes funk classics like Roy Ayers mixed with a bit of reggae / dub. Gil Scott-Heron, Herbie Hancock (my personal favourite)… lots of jazz legends (too many to mention). Often the fusion of western music with world beats is a big inspiration, especially hip-hop groups like ChocQuib Town, Boozoo Bajou, Trio Elétrico, etc. Reggae / dub artists such as Gaudi (the DJ producer that is rather than the artist) and Fat Freddy’s Drop are also a big influence.

There are soooooo many people, bands we could quote as being major influences but as to whether we sound like any of them, well you’ll have to make your own minds up about that!


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