Homage to Herbie Hancock

Well although this is a blog for Solskala, from time to time there is something that blows our tiny little minds and today on trawling new music on the SoundCloud website, we came across a beautiful re-working of Herbie Hancock‘s seminal Headhunters album, one of our favourite things of all time.

Herbie Hancock has for a long time been a big inspiration, not only because of his playing but he has raised the musical bar many times in his career and without fail, everyone who plays with him, plays 200% better than they play normally (possibly more). He has played with musical legends such as Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Donald Byrd, Dexter Gordon and many others. His music has crossed many boundaries and has been the influence of many a great musician. He continues to play with the same tenacity now as ever, despite being 75 years old!

OK, so here is the reworking of the Headhunters album by two acclaimed New York music makers, Jesse Fischer and Sly5thAve, paying homage to the contemporary, crowd-pleasing spirit of the original songs and re-framing these incredible pieces for the dance music fans of today.

…and here is the original groundbreaking Headhunters album by Herbie Hancock for your listening pleasure 🙂

What else to say??? Enjoy our musical selection and don’t forget to listen to our album La-La-La 🙂


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