The value of a “social media” like.

Like many people, Solskala use Facebook but we’re becoming very suspicious of their wonderful claims.

We’ve used the “paid promotion” tools a few times now but we wonder to what gain? The object of each campaign is to provide click through to other websites, usually to this Solskala blog, however the reality of what we are paying for seems very different to what we are expecting.

Whilst it’s true that we experience a bump in the number of “likes” but ONLY on our Facebook page and only for the specific post i.e., there is NEVER any click through to other sites. Furthermore, the “likes” are often from very suspicious sources… now we’re not saying that our music wouldn’t appeal to a 14 year old girl in Romania but it’s unlikely, especially if her profile is plastered with photos of boy bands (and we sometimes check because we want to see that we are getting what we pay for! ;-p).  Do people / companies REALLY want to pay just for more Facebook likes? We don’t think so! So all this begs the question, what exactly are we paying for?

Could it be that like all Westernised industries, Facebook and to be fair it’s not just them (we have used (third party) paid promotional services for SoundCloud too!), have a world wide sweat-shop but in this case, the workers / volunteers (delete as appropriate) give “likes” to paid campaigns in place of making clothing and toys for next-to-nothing? It’s a very cynical view but there’s no evidence to support that any campaign has been successful and when a simple increase in the number of “likes” is NOT the purpose of our campaigns, we have to ask another question… what is the value of a like?


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