Milonga LIVE and other stories…

Last Friday, 11 March, we played a benefit concert for “Asociacion Española Contra el Cáncer de Almería” which was in short, a concert and a fashion show organised by Cloti Garcia Moda. We had the opportunity to make a live recording so we chose to record “Milonga” from the La-La-La album. We DIDN’T want to just have a live recording though, we wanted to show the mood of the evening, the beautiful surroundings and everything – the charity we had the pleasure of collaborating with is a charity that we support strongly.

So, here it is “Milonga LIVE” by Solskala.

Thanks to Inmaculada Jiménez Ros AKA Ada J Ros for the cover photo for this blog entry. You can view more photos of the night by clicking here. Thanks also to all the models that took part, Cloti Garcia Moda (Cloti & Ainhoa) and many more…

Whilst on the subject of videos, we’ve been busy this week making some composite videos for a few of our songs from the Untitled Moves series; a series of cinematic themes aimed at the motion picture, advertising & media industry.

Both videos were made using clips taken from YouTube believed to be in the public domain. You can see more of our videos on our, well video page – click here.



Watch this space for the “official” Milonga video 🙂


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