Right here, right now!

…yes that’s right folks, we have an exclusive!! The film Cruzados is now out there!!!

Following on from All about the CruzadosTwo great pieces of newsCruzados… coming soon! and Anyone in Madrid this Friday?, we are pleased to announce the formal release of Cruzados featuring (at the end) the music of Solskala. Don’t forget you can download the original Cruzados plus not one, not two but THREE beautifully crafted remixes by clicking here.

Without further adieu, here is the film, made by Departamento de Extraescolares. The link by-the-way is to the official YouTube channel of Centro Integrado en Nuevas Tecnologías de Formación Profesional Jose Luis Garci, Alcobendas, Madrid. Follow the link and you can see more of what they’re up to, including the making of Cruzados.

Coming soon TWO and oh how we are excited!!!!!


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