Solskala are exploring the possibility of rewards based “Crowdfunding” in order to promote our new album “TWO” and we are looking for people who want to participate.

Here’s the plan… anyone who can demonstrate that they have generated a sale of ANY of our products (except the freebies) or that they have helped us to promote our music will be rewarded. Does that sound good? Well, we think so 🙂

What do I have to do? We hear you say! Well that’s easy and here are the options by way of a three-point-plan:

  1. go to our Pay-with-a-TWEET page and start spreading the word. Once you’ve done this, you will be redirected to a link to download one of our mixtapes completely FREE!!
  2. demonstrate that you have generated at least one sale of ANY of our products, we will let you into our backyard where you can access ALL of our music, again for FREE!!
  3. show us where you have posted the following text (Facebook, Twitter, etc…) and we will send you a freebie – send details to martyn@solskala.comTHE TEXT ” Coming soon from Solskala, brand NEW album “TWO”. Available from early May, follow this link – “

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!!!

Finally (almost)… our handmade teaser video for “TWO”

Finally (absolutely)… as some of you may know, Solskala have had a song included in the short film Cruzados and once again, here is the opportunity to listen to the original song, also on our forthcoming “TWO” album, plus THREE special remixes – a bargain at only €2.99!!!

Cruzados: an EP including the original song from the movie Cruzados plus three special remixes –

Well, that was a long post now wasn’t it????


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