Firstly an EXCLUSIVE, yes we said exclusive!!!!!! A NEW song, well actually a re-working of something that’s been in the pipeline for a little while now… are you ready?????

Minor Dub from the forthcoming album, TWO – this song is inspired by the swing-jazz of Django Reinhardt and that kind of thing… all with a reggae / dub / downbeat / trip-hop twist.

Secondly, just to say that we’re still finishing off our new album TWO and this plus some extra promotion that we are trying to do is delaying the release slightly. Thing is, we want to maximise the opportunities to promote Solskala where-ever we can. Although our album La-La-La was well received and hasn’t done too badly for an independently released album, we had the feeling that we could’ve done more to promote it. I’m sure you readers can appreciate that without any “heavy-weights” behind us, such things are really difficult and we heavily depend on (your) word of mouth.

In other news, we’re looking to play at the Mucho + Mayo festival in Cartagena and negotiating a benefit concert in New York thanks to the Take Back The Night Foundation. Solskala have written and donated a song to appear on a compilation album the proceeds of which will be used to raise awareness and hopefully eradicate sexual and domestic violence.


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