We did it!!

Saturday was a monumental day for Solskala as we played the Mucho Más Mayo festival in Cartagena and sold a fair number of pre-release CDs of our new album TWO.

We arrived in Cartagena around 10,00 h coursing the narrow streets and maze of one-way-systems, which was a challenge in itself!! When finally we arrived at the meeting point, we climbed the mountain of stairs to the main door of the Catedral Antigua de Cartagena to set up with our three mannequins (which caused some interest amongst visitors to Cartagena) and what a beautiful location it was. As we were setting up and sound checking, a number of passers by stopped to take photos of the mannequins!!

Anyways, to sum up, we had a blast, played a lovely concert and sold a fair few CDs to boot!! All-in-all, a successful and enjoyable day. There are some photos of the concert and we are awaiting more… but for now, here are some with credits 🙂

Gracias @ Carlos Mula López

Mucho Más Mayo 13334611_10154394625713984_1580654984_o Mucho Más Mayo

Gracias @ Gabriel Navarro

Solskala en #MuchoMasMayo 5

Solskala en #MuchoMasMayo 4

Solskala en #MuchoMasMayo 3

Solskala en #MuchoMasMayo 2

Solskala en #MuchoMasMayo 1

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