Doin’ it an’ doin’ an’ doin’ it again!

Solskala are currently arranging / negotiating a number of concerts, compilation album licenses, etc… and because of this, we haven’t had much time to promote and formally release our album TWO BUT we promise when the dust has settled a bit more, TWO will be there!!!!!

So, what’s new? Next Tuesday, 21 June, we are playing a live set in Mojácar Pueblo as part of the “Día Internaciónal de la Música” (page in Spanish). Our Facebook event page can be found by clicking here.

This is the second Solskala concert in Spain with more to come!!!

Solskala LIVE en Cartagena

Pre-release copies of TWO will be available on the day as per our concert in Cartagena (Mucho Más Mayo), remember though we have a limited supply of these 😉

Hope to see you there 🙂


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