Now that summer’s nearly over…

Now that summer’s nearly over, we are getting ready to crank up the Solskala machine again with some brand-new music. We’ve had a busy time with various other projects which has slowed down the release of TWO but be assured, it’s a coming!!!

So, what have we been up to? Well as Solskala, we have played a number of well cool concerts including Mucho + Mayo and the Día Internaciónal de la Música festival in Mojácar. Oh AND we have sold quite a few pre-release CDs to boot!


In addition to the live performances, our music has been featured in a number of art installations and portrayed as “audio art“. And of course not forgetting the short film Cruzados, which if you haven’t already seen, is embedded below.

So, all that remains to say is watch this space for the release of TWO, now that we have a little more time to promote it. In the meantime, you can enjoy our preview of the album below.



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