Solskala is a music project based in Southern Spain, breathing new life into genres…

From the early days in the UK, Solskala have strived to be different; fusing Western music with Afro-Latin and world beats to create a mesmerising but accessible sound-space. Solskala features the multi-faceted talents of Rocío Starry from Madrid on vocals and as ever, Martyn Thompson from London at the controls with live instruments.

Our sound has been described as “organic digital fusion” by some people and is influenced by many styles of music, mainly trip-hop, dub and funk.


Solskala produce original music with the occasional cinematic twist. Apart from our “commercially available” releases, we have a number of recordings aimed at the motion picture and advertising industry and are always looking for more opportunities in this respect.

“It’s been a long and varied journey up until now, but never boring! We hope it continues that way”

Click here to download our dossier.


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