Like (probably) most bands, Solskala have a profile with a few social networking / media sites; Facebook, MySpace, SoundCloud and as new sites are created, we are there to create a profile!!!

What we have listed below are embedded from our “official” and preferred music sites. Some of our music is also for sale on iTunes and various other online stores but we would prefer it if you went via the links below 🙂

Cruzados: an EP including the original song from the movie Cruzados plus three special remixes –

La-La-La: an album of original songs in Spanish & English –

RECONSTRUCTIONS: a FREE mini-album of covers, remixes and reconstructions –

Also you can listen to our collection of songs especially prepared for the motion picture, advertising & media industry. A collection of songs called “Untitled Moves”

And, you can listen to a few of our mixtapes that include some of the music that inspires us:

Solskala Sound System #01

Bienvenido Verano




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